The World We Are Born Into

We have been raised, been taught a lot, to become a lot. We were told of the things we might get wrong, in the life we might lead ahead.

We are raised to become successful, to create this perfect human of ourselves. But the image of a perfect human is tainted in our minds. A perfect human for us means having a great job, looking good at the age of 40, earn a lot and becoming this person who your past self, the child in you can’t even recognize.

We are in need of some re-evaluation, everyone wants to be remembered but is this what will make people remember us?

Earning, having a good professional life, it’s all important but not the only things in life we must think over. We have other responsibilities in life, towards our parents and the society. We have a larger responsibility towards ourselves.

Living each day like you have fallen in love with yourself and life.