I call myself

I call myself a lot of things.  I call myself stupid at times,  I call myself a Hindu,  I call myself an Indian,  I call myself beautiful,  I call myself smart,  I call myself silly.  I call myself a hoarder,  I call myself a minimalist, I call myself a learner,  I call myself a student, ... Continue Reading →



Dear Life, Why must you try and intimidate me all the time.  There are times, so often that I feel like my chest will explode,  Like there is this person within me gnawing, trying to escape this body.  And I don't blame it for wanting to go away  Life, you really do know how to... Continue Reading →

The Blame Game* 

We often find an escape to everything in life, leave tasks incomplete and blame it on the task itself being the one at fault. It makes us less guilty of the whole scenario, because now we have created an excuse for our own incapability to accomplish something.  I am sick and tired of my own... Continue Reading →

The Calling 

They say that people know what they have to do for the rest of their lives after they get their calling. What is this calling or when will someone get it, is still something no one is sure of.  So we might as well have as much faith in this as any myth framed by... Continue Reading →

Be repetitive 

Successful people are boring, stubborn and keep on repeating everything until they have got what they want. And even then they don't stop.  You know everyone always has a few lines that they always remember that their parents said to them, that led to them seeing the world in a different light.Well, these are a... Continue Reading →

Keeping A Check On Yourself #1

Making a plan is the easy part. Sticking to the plan and seeing it to the end is what will make us productive. Do you often go through lows and highs? I sure do. The highs make me so productive, make me want to do everything but the lows, oh the lows are the worst. I... Continue Reading →


Life gives us a lot of chances, choices initially. Those you make those choices wisely lead the life they want, those who chose recklessly lead the life they chose for themselves.  And it is not as though we are only given one chance at choosing what we want. There are several instances where life gives... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay

It's okay to feel sad, as long as you know that it'll all end.  It's okay to cry, it's you acknowledging that things aren't right.  It's okay to mourn, life can tend to teach some lessons to us in the cruelest way possible.  But please, please know that you aren't the only one sad, crying... Continue Reading →

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